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Re: Posting for Fastest Possible Solution

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I am new to Alteryx world. I have run in to situation, where I need to dynamically create 3 different column names with prefix V, E & P along with particular Week number which is there in 2nd row 2nd column(i.e 2015) which means I need to create V2015, E2015 & P2015. you can also see one of the column name is V2022, but it should be V2015. 2022 is my input week which I give. and this should be dynamic as I need all 7 weeks proceeding to 2022. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @sahana,


You can use the "Dynamic Rename" tool which allows you to rename selected columns by using a formula.

If you are talking about dynamically creating columns based on logic, then you will probably need to create values within the rows and pivot the data using the "Crosstab" tool. 

If you provide an example file and a more detailed requirement I may be able to help further.


Let me know how you get on.