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Re: Optimizing run time speed on my workflow




A user is running a query on Teradata (ALTERYXENGINECMD ,ALTERYXGUI, RSQL), the user runs on good network and only fetching approx 220 k of records, the query completes  in 30 seconds - 1 min, but the result set takes lot of  time apprx 30-45 min in Responding state (what we have in Teradata, which is out of Teradata processing ). Can you let us know , if we can do something to fetch and do any binding while getting the result set , as query execution is already completing quick.



Hi @amit_alter - are you running this query through a standard Input tool, or In-DB? In-DB should increase your performance greatly. Also, which driver and driver version are you using? You can find our supported/recommended driver here.

Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.