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Re: License Transfer

8 - Asteroid



Hello --- My issue is a little different.  I have a license however my PC failed and I got a new one.  Once I moved the license to my new PC, how can I get all my Data Connections from the old PC? 


I have been at this for a while making sure my new PC has all the drivers it is needed.  I am there and now Alteryx license xtransferred; now I am running into problems making sure I have all my previous connections.  I have many many workflows that are scheduled to run. 


I need to decommission the old PC and make sure the new one is set up, for Alteryx, the same as the previous.  HELP Please!  This should not be that hard, perhaps I am missing something. 






Hi @Pepper,


I moved your comment to a new thread.   If your connections are gallery connections you can sign into the gallery on the new machine and they should push down to you.


For backing up the local connections this post should get you headed in the right direction 


Jess Silveri
Manager, Technical Account Management | Alteryx
8 - Asteroid

Thanks Jessica!