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Re: Introduce Yourself



I'm new to Alteryx and the community.  I'm not even sure how to post anything yet.  I found this section and clicked on reply.


I build inventory optimization models and need a way to "massage" data for the input files and go from SQL Server on a network to SQL Server on my desktop.  My SQL Server skills are limited so I really like Alteryx so far.  Still getting used to how to approach problems but having fun so far.


I've gotten through the very basic tutorials and have successfully created several workflows.  :-)  One thing that has me totally stumped is trying to run multiple workflows in succession from a macro.  I have a process where I've built about 6 workflows and I'd like to kick them all off and let them run right after the other.  I think I use a macro but the documentation is really confusing!  What I want to do seems so simple and yet when I search for help the answers are more confusing than helpful.  Can you or somebody show me a really straightforward way to accomplish this?


Thanks for your help.




There's a few ways to do this.  One is to call the Alteryx engine at the end of your workflow configuration and tell it the next workflow to run.  The other, more popular option is to use something like the Runner macro from the Crew Macro Pack.


Knowledge Base article:


Crew Macro Pack:


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Keep in mind that in order to call the AlteryxEngineCmd executable, you need to have automation available...either with Alteryx Server or Designer with Automation (which is technically the Engine API license).


Hi All,


I had no idea that Alteryx existed and am looking forward to learn as much as possible.


Is there a link for newbies? maybe a link to the demo?


Lydia Conslate.