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Re: In-Database Sorting

5 - Atom

I'm getting the following error after executing the sample in-db  as described above to sort my data:

Error: Data Stream Out (53): Error SQLPrepare: ERROR 4566: Relation "Tool44False_5247" does not exist


Working on a vertica db.



14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

@dscamehorn1 can you post the workflow and some screenshots?  A little hard to troubleshoot without seeing the full picture.


Hi @dscamehorn1,


It's possible that the temp table created by your In-DB workflow exists within a different schema then other tables in the workflow.


Jerad Rades

Sr. Customer Support Engineer

7 - Meteor

Have there been any updates to this problem. I am currently running into it using a vertica database.


Hi @jaipersr,


Did you review the post about this error message on the Vertica forum? 


This has to do with the user's search_path. This is similar to PATH at the OS level, but it's schemas vs. directories. By default a user's search_path only includes public and internal schemas where the system views are. You can alter the user's search_path to include other schemas for the current session or persistently. See the Setting Search Paths pages in the Using Multiple Schemas section of the Administrators Guide for all the details.


If you're still running into this issue after working with your Vertica DBA or IT team, I recommend you reach out our Customer Support team via




Jerad Rades