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Re: Box Input and Output Tools

8 - Asteroid


Thank you very much for the tools.  I just installed the tools but could not figure out how to set it up. 


1. What option should I use to log into Box under "Authentication Mode"?  Service-to-Service or End User?

Currently, I access Box using the company SSO via Box Sync or web browser, 


2. If I use "Service-to-Service", what is and where is the "Box service account file" ?











3. If I use "End User", how can I obtain "Client ID", "Client secret", and "Redirect URI"


End User.PNG


















4. You mentioned an XML file in the local machine. Where is the file? What is the filename?

I see two XML files in ProgramData/Alteryx. One is RuntimeSettings.xml and SystemAlias.xml (which is empty) 

Is RuntimeSettings.xml the one to be used to upload for Service-Service or use the data in this file for End User option? 

Thank you very much.


Hey @watsacha,


Thanks so much for downloading the Box Tools.


The Tools interact with your Box account via a series of API calls. The Box requires you to setup an application in order to interact with your APIs. You'll likely need to engage your Box admin for assistance. Service-to-service is the recommended way of connecting using OAuth 2.0 with JWT. Once your admin creates your app, they will be able to provide you with your service account file (a JSON).


You can learn more here:


The XML file is actually referring to your Alteryx workflow containing the Box Tools. An workflow is just an XML document that you can open up in a text editor. The connection parameters you provide via the service-to-service or end user are encrypted in this workflow in order to make the proper API calls.


Let me know if you have questions.

9 - Comet

HI Andrew,

Were you able to get your Box tools configured? I'm attempting the same steps as you outlined above. The Box administrator on my end has set me up as co-admin but I still get the message "Disabled By Administrator" when configuring the Box tools. So my Box Administrator and I are still researching and Box says they do not provide support in this area. 


5 - Atom

Hi Andrew, need some help with this. While sso authentication I am getting an error which is related to chrome out of date as Box authentication window is opening in an older version. Cna you tell me how can I update Box internal browser to amke the authentication successful.