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Re: Apply Column Rules to Multiple Columns in the Table Tool

7 - Meteor

Hi -

Can this work for the formula portion as well?

For example, I have followed the steps for this:

To do this, use a Select Tool to remove all columns but "State". Then create the data formatting rules for the dynamic fields: 

And then type my formula into the box using the Current Field variable.

However, sometimes it does not seem to apply, and says it cannot find the variable "Current Field".



Hi Penny,


Yes, this can work within the Table tool's Formula function when setting one or more formulas using the [_CurrentField_] variable.  One important thing to note is that when setting column rules to the Dynamic and Unknown Fields it is important to assure that any upstream field that will act as dynamic, meaning field name will change, is not present in the Table tool itself while you are setting the column rules.  There are a few ways we can assure this is, my preferred method is to disconnect the Table tool from any upstream processes while I configure the dynamic fields' column rules before reattaching.  You can achieve this by manually deselecting incoming fields with any upstream tool that as a select/deselecting component in it's configuration.  If you want to build this into a repeatable process I would suggest using the Dynamic Select tool upstream from the Table tool.  This will ensure all the fields(according to type) are selected regardless of their field name per run.  


I have attached a short annotated workflow to illustrate how this can work.