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Random stop of workflow with Automation



I am randomly facing an issue with workflows schedules with Automation licence.


When I read the log file, I constat that workflow(s) have been stop in the midst of the execution.


Started running [...]\quality.yxmd at Thu Feb 7 07:12:42 2019
00:00:0.001 - Alteryx: Allocating requested dedicated sort/join memory would be more than available physical memory. Reverting to 64MB of memory.


00:08:7.815 - Warning - ToolId 311: The field "Sum_warranty_start" is not present in all inputs.


... and the log file stop here, the workflow is stopped in the scheduler, without writing the output.



I wonder if it could be due to the use of memory, which could throw some timeout error if no response.


What do you think about this hypothesis ?


Thank you for your opinion.

@erambeau I've seen that memory error message before.  It's possible that it could be involved, but there are other causes I would look into first.


What happens when you run the workflow manually:

- Do you still get a memory warning?

- Does the workflow complete?


I'm guessing that tool 311 is a union, correct?

If so, is it set up to automatically align fields or manually align fields?




To answer to your question, when I run manually, the workflow does complete. Hence the hypothesis that it is due do the context of execution.


And you are guessing right. We have set up an auto-configuration by name.


For this night, I changed the schedule to make this workflow to run with less other workflows in parallel. I have identified actions to optimize this workflow too. Hope it will help :)