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RIght Skewed Monte Carlo Simulation Data

Alteryx Certified Partner



Has anyone been able to create a positive skewed Monte Carlo sampling using Alteryx tools? I'm trying to recreate a function that was originally created in VBA but I cannot figure out how to create a sample dataset that has a positive skew. 



Alteryx Partner

Are you familiar with R? If so, your best bet I think is to use the R Tool and take a look here for details on how to sample from skewed distributions.


I think this is actually a great thing for an Idea submission, as this is definitely an oversight in my opinion, and really limits the usefulness of this tool. It's somewhat of a pain to do this in R, and so by allowing the addition of skewness/kurtosis to the Simulation Sampling tool, Alteryx would definitely become more of a go-to for me with regards to sampling.


Sorry I couldn't give any guidance, I've also been unable to do this using the Simulation Sampling tool, and found this to be the most convenient workaround in the meantime.



Alteryx Certified Partner

I am familiar with R, but I was hoping that I did have to go down that route! I agree that not having this ability limits the usefulness of the simulation tool and I will try and submit it.