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RFM analysis

8 - Asteroid

Hi, I wanted to know the process for conducting RFM(Recency, Frequency & Monetary) analysis in Alteryx.


Kindly share the workflow or the process for conducting the analysis.


I have below three columns:-


Cutsomer ID | Date | Count of transactions | Amount


Please guide

15 - Aurora

I'm not a guru at RFM, but I do know that tiling (segmenting) is pretty straightforward in Alteryx.  I've attached a workflow which:

  • Generates sample data according to your specifications (random 100,000 transactions for a random 1000 customers)
  • Does some aggregation
  • Generates segments for R, F, and M
  • Combines them to create a custom "rfmValue")

Hope that helps get you started.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks John for sharing the workflow. Will go through the same..