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Hello Community,


My team has been working on getting access into some of our systems using a REST API. I am able to get parameters that I need in order to refresh the output, but passing them through using the PUT option is giving me some trouble. I have a colleague who was successful in doing so using Python, but I haven't had the same outcome. To my knowledge I need to pass it through with the blob tool, but I never have used that before. I am wondering if anyone has played with something similar. 


 Thank you,



I have used PUT to update tables in Smartsheet via their API. For the Blob fields it was really a question of using JSON or other tools to create the correct JSON structure and then Blob Convert to create the Blob field. My biggest issue was making sure I understood the API requirements for the Headers and Payload before making the API call. I found it very useful to look at the API documentation and try with cURL or Python first to make sure I was getting everything right.


What sort of issues are you seeing?


I keep getting a 100 Continue error.


It is just confusing because I am using the same call that we use in python where it works, so the only difference I see, is the Blob tool.


Does the API documentation provide examples of doing the same thing with cURL? This helps to ensure that the headers, payload etc are identical.