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REG_EX Formula to pull defined length in string field

6 - Meteoroid

Hello Team,


I'm tryting to retrieve an specific length for digits in a string field, I'm using a Reg_Ex Formula to do this [ Regex_replace([field1],"[^\d]+"," ") ] and I'm getting almost what I need since with the formula I'm retriving only digits from the field however I exactly need to pull only the values with 7 digits only which are separeted by " ". is there any way to this more friendly?


Field 3 should be my desired result.






8 - Asteroid

I would use the RegEx tool and Parse. You would keep RegExOut2 as your results.






14 - Magnetar

Try the following formula:


This will look for any 7 digit value that is prefaced by a space and then immediately preceded by either a space or an end of line character.  The ([\d]{7}) is a marked group, looking specifically for 7 digits, and is also the corresponding "$1" in the "replace value" of the formula.  This leaves us with only the matching number.