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R tool not writing out Data Frames


I'm trying to write out two data frames from an R node. I know the code works because I ran the whole thing in R, and I obtain the desired output.


In summary, the code is looping through files, manipulating them, then I use rbind() to union the files at the end. 


The data frames are a mix of numeric and factor/character variables. I tried setting stringsAsFactors=FALSE, in order to deal with the possibility string variables turning into factors, but this did not work. 


I have attached the pertinent part of my workflow. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


I've discovered that part of my problem was because of how I was defining a date. 


In R, for example, it is possible to specify a date class as :


as.Date(variable, "%m/%d/%Y")


But alteryx does not like this form. I had to change it to: 


as.Date(variable, "%Y-%m-%d")


I am now obtaining output, but not the same output I get from running it directly in R.