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Quick help with RegEx


I am looking to create a formula that finds a string where the end letter is a capital and the letter before that is lower case.


So (lower case)(uppercase)(space).


How do I translate that to a RegEx? I am struggling to find a good guide to get started with RegEx.


Thanks so much,




Actually I think it is "[a-z][A-Z]\s"?

Alteryx Certified Partner

@jamesgough Hi... you can try test this website...


Best regards


Hi @jamesgough,


I think you got how to look for (lower case, uppercase, space) pattern. Just bare in mind that the "Match" configurationg mode of the AlteryxRegex tool is looking for exact FULL matches, rather than partial. I believe your expression is not going to give you the match that you want. I'd place a .* before your expression.


Hopefully the attachment will clarify what I mean.


Also, I'd recommend to look at the pre-built RexEx examples in Designer (right click on the RegEx tool -> open example).


As already suggested, I also use or to test expressions quickly, before building them in Designer.


Hope this helps!


Thank you Giuseppe, that's really helpful.