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Upgrade Alteryx Designer in 10 Steps

Debating whether or not to upgrade to the latest version of Alteryx Designer?


Questions regarding purchase options and training




We are an actuarial consultancy and we are ready to purchase Alteryx for our company. But we need to clarify some of our queries.


1 - Which version of the Alteryx product should we use. A preliminary research and our need to use it for data analysis including data mining and predictive analysis puts up in the direction to use the Designer version. However, the Server version also seems to be promising. Can we get a list of the difference between the two?


2 - We for now intend to start with a single user license, however the idea is to extend it to two users and then to multiple users. Is there a package/bundle deal offered? Or would Alteryx Server allow multiple users? We have a team of about 20 people who need to work simultaneously.


3 - Is there a specific system requirement for either version?


4 - Is there a customer support function that could provide support as and when needed? We are in based in Pakistan and would like customer coverage here. Moreover, we need customized training for all of our actuarial staff so we can shift our workload to Alteryx.


We appreciate your interest in Alteryx!


I'd like to point you to our Product Overview page.  From here you will also be able to file our Technical Specifications and Pricing under the Products header.


If you would like me to have someone reach out to you to discuss your specifics please send me a PM and I'll be happy to arrange that with one of our Account Executives.