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Questions about how Alteryx submits queries to connected db engine

5 - Atom

Good morning,

I have two questions on how Alteryx builds up queries and submit them when a bunch of In-DB tools are connected togheter:




In a workflow like the example above, does Alteryx builds up a multilevel nested query from all the inputs to the final join then submit it at once to the db engine; or does Alteryx builds up a query for each tool, saving results in tmp tables and so processing by steps and submitting many queries one at a time?

Iguess Alteryx builds up a whole multilevel nested query.



If I convert the two boxes in two macros with Macro In-DB Outputs and then I connect the two macro's output anchor to the final join, would Alteryx behave differently?

Like building up one nested query for each macro, creating tmp tables for the macro's outputs and then building and submitting a final query corresponding to the final join; or Alteryx will be anyway building up a whole unique nested query corresponding to the two macros operations plus the final join?


Many thanks and have a nice day,



12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

If you add the tool "Dynamic Output In-DB" (you might have to search for it, it's not on the IN-DB tool set) you can select an option to view the query. In my experience, it's just a bunch of CTEs.





Treyson Marks
Senior Analytics Engineer
5 - Atom

Thanks Treyson, very useful int!

FYI in my version of designer (2022.1.1.25127) the Dynamic In-DB Output is right under the 'In-Database' tab ;)


Have a nice evening!