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Question regarding Behavior Tools

Alteryx Partner

Hey guys,

I want to try to use Tools in Behavior Analysis, but when I read alteryx Help, it said that I need to contact Alteryx account representative, to get the datasets, since the dataset require a current subscription and license. So, my question is, how about i want to use my own data?

Is it i still need to contact Alteryx account representative?
and how should i contact them regarding this issues?

Behavior Tools.PNG




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The Behavior Analysis, Demographic Analysis, and Address tools are specifically designed to only work with the data installations that Alteryx provides. The first configuration of tools from these sets require the selection of one of the Alteryx-provided data set:









That being said, there are other tools in Alteryx that you can use to perform a cluster analysis. The Predictive Grouping tool set makes cluster analysis available to any data in Alteryx. The R tool also allows you to execute R code within Alteryx to perform many analyses that no other tool may offer.

Alteryx Partner

Actually I want to use some tools in Behaviour Analysis, but my problem is at the datasets. Can u tell me how can I get the dataset installation?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Sure thing. To inquire about data installation from Alteryx, contact your sales representative or here's a link to get in touch with Alteryx: