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Question on download tool

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Hi All, 


Requesting help on how to download or extract the HTML data from a SharePoint page.

I tried using a download tool getting a message which says: Unauthorized access

I have access to the page, I can load the page on the browser.

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It sounds like you are missing some header information. If you hit F12 and refresh the SharePoint page, you might be able to see the actual call being made so you can replicate in Alteryx (or Postman, for that matter). I've found Postman a good testing tool for making API calls, then you can translate to Alteryx after you have a successful call. 

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Thank you @jarrod  for the reply but I am not sure where I am going wrong. 

In the postman tool how can i identify the call. I need to ask the IT team to install the software for me. 

But if u have any example of how to identify the call and how to use them that would be great. 

Thanks in advance.

Please see screen shots below:

where field 1 is the sharepoint URL







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I see. it looks like you are trying to scrape the data vs using the SharePoint API. I would suggest using the API instead because it will give you better results. The API documentation is here:


you'll likely need to apply or find your api token/credentials and build a authorization token which is passed through the header. 


What are you trying to pull from sharepoint? 




Edit: one thing i noticed early but forgot to comment on is that you are using the endpoint (field1) as both the URL and a header. that will likely never be the case. for the headers, every checkbox you select will be passed through as a name/value pair. So in this instance, your header would be


Once you get your sharepoint credentials, you can pass through the "Authorization" header as:

authorization:Bearer 892nf92ncf92f82hjf282f89


which, in alteryx will be a field called "authorization" and the value would be "Bearer 892nf92ncf92f82hjf282f89". you would then select that field in the "header" section. 

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Hi @jarrod apologies for the late reply. 


I am extracting a bitly link from the SharePoint page. 

Is there a way to develop bitly links for many SharePoint link using Alteryx?


Also I went through the link, I do not know C# and i am not sure how to use them.

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I'm not sure what you are looking for with regards to bitly links in sharepoint. are you trying to create bitly links? 


as for the sharepoint api link i provided, it's just a guide to the API using C# and Javascript. you can do the same thing with the download tool/Postman. Look for keywords like "URL", "Parameter", "Header" and "Body".

URL - fed through the text input tool as a field used in the download tool 


Parameter - with GET requests, can be passed through using the Headers, POST calls it should be passed through using the "Payload" tab.

Header - select the Header fields in the header tab

Body - Used on POST Requests - pass through in Payload tab.