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Question Tool Load Error


Alteryx doesn't let me open a Workflow and gives me the message "Quetion Tool Load Error". I guess that when I was working with the Interface it got messed up. How can I open the workflow to fix it?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

If you haven't changed the default configuration of the Alteryx install, then there is a file created that has the previous version of a workflow. It is saved in the same place as the actual workflow and has a .bak extension. You could try to open that one.

Also Alteryx has an Autosave function. If you go to File>Open Autosaved Files, you might find previous versions there. (You can change the settings for how often a workflow is saved in the User Settings dialog.)

And as a last resort, the Alteryx .yxmd files are actually just XML files. You could nose around in the file itself to see if you can locate an issue, although that is not the recommended approach.


The bak file doesn't open neither. The autosaved files do not open neither . I don't know XML. But someone from Alteryx responded and is going to help me on a call to recover the file in a few. If we do it, I'll update my post with the solution. Thanks



We opened the workflow in notepad as a xml text and deleted the part that was giving an error and were able to open the workflow in Alteryx.

Community Data Engineer
Community Data Engineer

Hey @ClaudiaV, can I ask what part of the XML you deleted? My error message references tool Id 3.


Thank you!