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Question For Multi Row Formula

7 - Meteor

I am asking for help with the "Multi-Row Formula."


From most examples, they show how to fill in rest of the cells that are missing. 


But, this situation is a little bit different. 


The highlighted section is where I am trying to fill in "North" by Region and "1,000" by Grand Total.  


I know a Transform tool can fix the problem, but I am trying to figure out how to use the "Multi Row Formula" tool.


Currently, it is showing false on the "Variable" row. Sometimes, it shows "True." I have been working on it for some time and I am trying really hard to get this working.










There is an attachment for the example. 




15 - Aurora

Hi @bmay10 ,


This is probably a question that should go in the Designer discussion page but I will try and answer it here.


There is no need for a multi-row formula tool I reckon, a simple formula tool would do it. Try to edit the [Variable] column and the formula should be



IF [Title]="Region" then "North"
ELSEIF [Title]="Grand Total" THEN "1,000"
ELSE [Variable]



But I think the issue here might also be that the field [Variable] is a Bool data type, so probably you should consider changing that to a string





Hope that helps,








7 - Meteor

Thank you. Yeah, it was cause it was setup as a bool, not as a double.