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Question: Can a string from an select tool be put in as an object in the R Tool Inputs


Is it possible to read in a string into the r tool and use it as a formula?  


For example, if I take a workflow that produces an r formula in a string format (i.e. glm(freq ~ marriage + state + age + length)) and put that into an r tool input, can I then read that into r and use that as a formula?  Currently the code is as follows but not yielding results I want: 


#run the spline model
spline <- read.Alteryx("#2", mode = "list")
fit <- glm(as.formula(spline), family = quasipoisson(link="log"), data = the_data )



Hi @jbh1128d1


It sounds like you're in need of a batch macro! By wrapping the R tool in a macro you could pass the r formula string to the R code via a control parameter. Using the control parameter of a batch macro is a great way to pass dynamically changing information into any tool in the alteryx palette. 


Apps and Macros

Batch Macro

Control Parameter


Let me know if this helps!


Thanks Tony. It that didn't yield great results either. I did figure out how to bring in the string by pulling in the output as a data.frame then pulling the string out as a value itself and code it as a as.formula to use. Essentially I copied the method used in the out of the box count regression tool. 


I appreciate the reply.