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Query about Alteryx Designer

7 - Meteor

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask about in what way can I use the license to Alteryx Designer, as I am new to data science with no prior knowledge?How would  I be using Alteryx designer platform as a beginner?



Thanks in advance!

Stay safe! 


5 - Atom

Welcome to Alteryx World !


There are many ways to utilize alteryx , I mostly use for automation and process simplification.

I am beginner too using this beautiful tool from almost 1 year and till now worked on 10+ automation case study. Great tool 


For Licence :

Have a look on these help wiki to start with:



7 - Meteor

Thanks Manojagwani sir. I have already got the license but how do i use this platform and for what purposes as i am new in how would I start with these processes as u said automation,process simplication?I wanted to know what should I learn so I can use this pltform in creating something or doing some stuffs in it.


14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi @Paul123 

You're starting in a great place!! Community is where you'll find a ton of advice and answered questions.

I'm a big fan of the learning opportunities. Take a look at the Academy and Getting Started learning path here. And jump into the Weekly Challenges (also in Academy) - those really got me going in the program.

Welcome!! And keep asking questions.