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Qualitative Text Formatting




I have a question with regards to keeping formatting elements of qualitative data being pushed through Alteryx.


We are in the process of building an input tool where the front end will be in Excel, and the back end in a SQL database. Majority of the data being captured is quantitative, however there are some inputs which will be large amounts of text which will be captured in a field, and needs to be carried throughout. The flow of data will be as follows:


Excel (input) >> SQL (storage) >> Alteryx (manipulation) >> Power BI (visualization)


Important formatting of the text we would like to maintain throughout the process are 

1. line breaks

2. bullet points

3. indents


My questions would be, is it possible to maintain this formatting throughout the Alteryx process, and if so is there a preferred / best practice way this need to be captured up front (e.g. rich text, etc)?


Hi @bpretorius,


I'm not sure of what kind of transformations you need to do to your text data during your workflow, but I mocked an example where I use the data cleansing tool for the three cases you suggested.

My approach consists of using the regex tool to replace the characters you need to maintain by tags that I created. After applying the required text manipulation, you can re-add the characters either via Find and Replace or via a formula tool. (see attached solution)