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QlikSense Visualization Macro

Alteryx Partner

Hi All,


I am trying to push data from Alteryx to Qliksense using Qlik Sense Visualization Macro. In Qlik Sense I have developed dashboards using some built-in graphs and some extensions. 

The problem is whenever I run workflow in Alteryx, Data isn't passed/updated in .qvx file and Qlik Sense worksheet is getting deleted or wiped out and I have to rebuilt it again. 


Kindly assist. 



Punit Shah

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi there, 


I am not familiar with Qliksense, but this seems to be a similar issue with Tableau Desktop.  


What you need to do is before the Alteryx workflow is ran.

1. Close the Qlik workbook .  

2. Run the Alteryx workflow. 

3. Open the Qlik workbook, look for an option to replace or edit the data source.

4. Then find the file that has been outputted by Alteryx.  

5. Your workbook should update with the new data. 


Again i am not familiar with Qlik, but it seems to something along those lines. 





Alteryx Partner


Thanks for your response. 


I have checked in QlikSense and I don't see any options of replace dataset. 

Moreover the real pain is

  1. Alteryx is not updating the Qlik data file post workflow/model run. (.qvx file is showing me last update as of when I created it for first time)
  2. Somehow all visualizations and graphs that I create in qlik sense app is getting deleted each time I run the model. 



Punit Shah