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Python tool Alteryx.read and Alteryx.write error : Cached data unavailable

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Hello Community, 

I have been trying to add input/ouput with the read and write script lines to the  Python tool, the following error occurs : 

Cached data unavailable -- run the workflow to make the input data available in Jupyter notebook (\\Mac\Home\Desktop\Missions\Dassault prédictif\Playground - Alteryx\Data\jupyterPipes.json)

Capture d’écran 2020-10-15 193907.png


the error suggests to run the flow, I did that several times, no change. The strange thing is that when I isolate the 'Alteryx.read("#1") alone in another python tool ( see following picture) it works well :

Capture d’écran 2020-10-15 193934.png 

This error occurred for the "Alteryx.write" as well and I have tried to downgrade Alteryx version from 2020.3 to 2020.2, it didn't resolve the problem. It's quite random. Does anyone have idea how to resolve this and why is it occurring ? 


Best Regards, 

Salma Ben Tarjem


Hi @SalmaBenTarjem , can you please share us a sample workflow. Thanks.

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@WilliamR, When testing the problem, the error seems to occur when we redefine a directory in the python code with the 'os.chdir()', It is possible to work without this commande in the code as a temporary solution, is there an explanation or a better solution ? I leave you attached an example of the workflow.

To be able to reproduce the error please change the file path to a valid one inside the os.chdir()

Thank you.