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Python Tool Across Differing Versions

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Hi everyone


I have a workflow in Alteryx Designer (2020.3) that makes use of Python - if I trigger it the process does exactly what I need it to.


Unfortunately, due to reasons outside of our control, members of my team who need to make use of this same workflow are on an older version of Alteryx (2019.3) and cannot upgrade to 2020.3 (its a business issue).


I'm aware of a workaround that allows me to save the process as one made in 2019.3 (by manipulating the workflow version in notepad), however my colleagues still can't run the process in their version of Alteryx - it doesn't throw any errors but doesn't perform the required action.


The Python tool does exist in 2019.3 - any ideas why code that works perfectly fine in 2020.3 doesn't work in 2019.3?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

I would have guessed different versions of Python but it looks as though you should be on the same version. I'd suggest installing 2019.3 (which is still available on so that you can debug properly. You can install it side by side with your 2020.3 version by installing the non-admin version if you already have the admin version, or the admin version if you already have the non-admin version installed.

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Hi NeilR


Thanks for the prompt response. You're totally right that the best solution is to align versions - unfortunately it isn't something that we can achieve (long story about how our IT is set up - I have my thoughts on that but have to keep it private 🤐 ) . I'm not able to downgrade and my colleagues aren't able to upgrade so we're pretty much stuck.


Thanks again - whilst it doesn't solve the issue, it tells me that said issue isn't one that we can solve without a major reassessment of IT policy, which is way above my pay grade.