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Python Output not Working - There is no valid metadata for the outgoing connection 1.


I am trying to have an python tool output to 1 output. I am getting an error such a "there is no valid metadata for the outgoing connection 1. Run the workflow to generate the valid meta data.  I see this response after I run the workflow.  Any help would be awesome!  I have tried numerous things, found this simple script via the discussion forum from another user, but am not able to resolve it as they did.  


  Screenshot_2.pngPython ScriptScreenshot_1.pngWorkflow


I've attached the file to the post.

Alteryx Partner

I was only playing with this a few days ago .... are you sitting down when you are reading this ?



Simply delete those unused cells at the bottom so that it looks like this :


2019-02-15 20_30_01-Alteryx Designer x64 - Simple Python Output.yxmd_.png


Basically so that you're output is the last thing in the notebook, then it runs perfectly :) 


Typically this message is just telling you to re run the workflow. Do you see any output in the #1 anchor? As long as there is output, you are good to go.


No I don't see any output.  It doesn't show anything in #1 output.




So I am able to get that to show up, but when I click "1" green on the right-hand side it shows no output, does yours?Screenshot_4.png

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It works fine for me :) 


2019-02-17 11_31_20-Alteryx Designer x64 - Simple Python Output.yxmd_.png


Hi @jayordan 


I would recommend you reach out to Alteryx Customer Support ( They can walk you through the steps to get the output #1 anchor to show.





Anybody succeed with this issue?


I have try what it is in this post also what I found this other one, but I am getting this error once and once again.


I am using the python code used in this example, and even I go to Options>User Settings> Restore Default, I run the python code, then the full workflow, and even I see there is metadata on the output1, I am getting this error.


Anybody can help me please?





I am facing the same issue here. Have you found the solution for this? I would really appreciate if you could help me.




It was a known bug. What I had to do was to update to the new version and it worked for me. It took me getting to an alteryx python expert.

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