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Pushing Data thru web service into Alteryx

7 - Meteor



I am not sure this is the right place for this question. But, help me with the below. 

Use Case:


There is a portal from which end users will apply for certain benefit. Once portal receives user data, thru web services it will send user data to Alteryx immediately. Alteryx should receive  this information , parse and perform set of Filtration and  return information back to portal quickly with the result whether end user is eligible for benefit. This process should be done in a minute or two. 

Alteryx filtration will not take more than 20 seconds. However, I don't know whether Alteryx can receive data whenever there is a push from Portal web service and how to respond with results. 


Below is the flow at high level. 








Hi @Antony89a ,


this is for sure not a question related to Connect, as that is our Data Catalog product and doesn't perform any logic. 


If I understand your use case correctly then I believe Analytical App in Alteryx Server called via APIs could serve your purpose. 


  1. First you create Analytical app that receives the user data, performs all the logic and publishes the result using the various way Alteryx provides, e.g. calls Portal's API back with the result.
  2. Then publish such Analytical app into Alteryx Server.
  3. And finally make your portal to be able to call the Server's API to send the user data as parameter into the Analytical app.


But I am no expert in this field, so you might get more qualified advices in Server discussion.

Vojta T., PM for Connect
7 - Meteor

Thank you Vojta .


I will try your solution and at the same time, I will get support from Server forum.