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Pulling ZIP + 4 Data

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I would like to know if it is possible to pull the zip + 4's for a state?



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Are you interested in a list of string values, or spatial polygons? Neither one has a great answer that I'm aware of since the Post Office doesn't do list rentals or build spatial files.


I just found this good summary of ZIP and ZIP+4 methodology for anyone interested:






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@RCOOK depending on what you're looking for, I believe this information is available in the US Census dataset that can be downloaded  from alteryx themselves. This can be brought into your workflow using the allocate input tool. However, this is census based and may not be current for all ZIP codes, which can change frequently.



There are a number of other resources out there if you do some quick google searches.

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17 - Castor

Good call, @neilgallen. The data packages Alteryx offers do provide ZIP spatial files. These are very similar to (but not identical to) the Census Bureau ZCTA polygons.. 


ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) Information:



Download ZCTA and other TIGER/Line Shapefiles from the Census Bureau:



Here are some highlights from my ZIP code soapboxing:

- They are created and assigned by the USPS to organize mail delivery points/routes. By their point-only definition, they do not account for the area between these points.

- Different sources of data will have different methods on how to "fill" the area between the points. It's not uncommon for the USPS website, Google Maps, the Census ZCTA, and the Experian/Alteryx provided polygons to all be slightly different.

- Like @neilgallen mentioned, ZIP/ZIP+4 assignment can change frequently. This link shows 8 updates in the first 7 months of this year.

- ZIP+4 is just a further extension of these points: it's a mail delivery system and there are no "official" polygons for them.

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Thanks for your response Neil. I found a source for the zip plus 4 data which will include updates. Thanks for your advice.

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Would you mind sharing the source? We have a similar need.