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Pull only 1st record in-database. Limit 1?


Hi, this is an easy one I think, but I can't seem to find the answer after searching for a bit.


I have a hadoop table with hundreds of millions of records per day and I simply want to get 1 record back.  In the connect-in-db node I tried using 'limit 1' to pull just the first record (after restricting the date to yesterday's date), but it runs forever!  I'm guessing maybe 'limit 1' simply returns 1 record AFTER pulling all the records first? 


What is the best/fastest way in-database to pull just a small subset of records from a table?


btw here's my code:

select *

from 'default'.'bus_pd_data'

where src_trans_date>='2018-10-31'

limit 1

If you use a Sample In-DB and set the limit to 1 it should do what you want.


The way In-DB builds it's query it will only read the first record I believe