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Pull Dashboard Image from Tableau Server

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Thanks @Coxta45 and @BenMoss!!


We are not on 10.2 yet, either. Our solution was to use call a batch file that runs TabCMD to pull the image from the server and save it locally at the end of our data refresh workflow. Then we'll have a second workflow that picks up the image and incorporates it into the email. 


Just wanted to mention that work around for anyone else not on 10.2 yet. It obviously requires your Tab admin to let you use TabCMD, though. 


Cheers, Gents! 

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Hi @BenMoss,


Can you post your workflow to reference? This would be a great help!





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Can't post the workflow, because it is rather large and most of it would be negligible, but you can use the Run-Command tool to call a batch file which kicks off TabCMD. More on that here:


Once you export the files to a folder, then you just use the Email tool as usual to pick up the file from the folder location.


Like I said, we did it in separate workflows, but you could probably use a block until done, or parallel block from the crew macros to put it into one workflow. 



EDIT: Just saw you weren't talking to me. Ignore me. 🙂 

7 - Meteor

Hey thanks for the article this works nicely for "previewImage" but when i change that to image it does not work and i get a message the file is damaged ,corrupted  and "HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found" error message it given out. Any idea what would be the reason.

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I'm a new user of alteryx and I also am looking to pull dashboard image from Tableau Server. Could you post your workflow so I can get an idea of how to get started? I have read the below thread but am still not sure where to start. 

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17 - Castor

Hi @JJJ,


If you check out @Coxta45's post from earlier in this thread (page 1) you will see he has attached the workflow and also given a overview of how it works.



6 - Meteoroid

Can you please share a sample Alteryx workflow that shows how you did it?

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Hi @Coxta45,


Is it possible that we can get view id for custom view?

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I'm not sure if I'm getting your question right, but if you're on Tableau 10.5+ you can add a filter value parameter.  Hopefully that will achieve your custom view.


GET /api/api-version/sites/site-id/views/view-id/image?vf_<fieldname>=filter-value


Of course my company is on 10.4, so I miss out on that and the query view PDF.

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I got the Tableau_Preview_Images from @Coxta45 (thank you!) to work locally but now I am not able to figure out how to get the high quality image of a specific dashboard within a workbook:


@BenMoss can you post an updated workbook where you show how you used 10.2 to get a high quality image? In particular, I need to know how to get to one of the tabs on the workbook. For example, on this dashboard there is a Daily and a Weekly tab and I need an image for each:

 Appreciate any guidance you can provide 🙂