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Pull Dashboard Image from Tableau Server


I am trying to accomplish this for Tableau 10.3. Do you have an example?


Hi @bstephenf,


Attached is a workbook that pulls the first 30 full image views, meaning it will pull the first 30 tabs you have posted to Tableau Server/Online for each workbook. 


You can change the number of views you want to download by changing the value in the first formula tool from "....pageSize=30..." to "...pageSize=300...". The maximum number of views you can pull is 1,000. Beyond 1,000 you will have to change the page number in the first formula tool from "1" to "2", or "3" etc. 


 I recommend familiarizing yourself with Tableau API Reference. I have zero experience with API's but was able to get the hang of it after watching this YouTube Video.


Hope this helps!