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Publishing to Tableau Online: Error code 401001

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Recently we've had some issues trying to connect to Tableau Online with the Publish to Tableau Server tool. We assume others will have similar issues, so I would like to post our solution in case it will help others.


ISSUE: When attempting to authenticate to Tableau Online (which uses Google authentication), we receive the following:


Error 401001: Signin Error -- Error signing in to Tableau Server Tableau Server.UploadChunks (238) Iteration #1: Error Trasferring data: URL using base/illegal format or missing URL

tableau online error code 401001.png


CAUSE: We determined that the root cause of this was that we use Google Authentication for our internal users on Tableau Online. This does not appear to be supported by the connector, or the Publish to Tableau Server macro found on the public gallery.


SOLUTION: We were able to resolve this issue, both using the aforementioned macro and the native tool in designer, by changing the authentication method for the user having issues to use Tableau (local) authentication. They will receive an email to set up their new password this way. Once setting up their account, they should be able to use the Publish to Tableau Server tools.

tableau online add tableau authentication.png

10 - Fireball
10 - Fireball

Thank you for this @AidanBramel ! 🙏