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Publishing from Alteryx to Tableau Server

I just competed the Core Concepts training and was excited to start working with Alteryx's ability to publish to a Tableau server.  However, when I looked for the tools that were available in the class; they are not available on line.  Based on the research I found that the tools were not originally created by Alteryx, and they only work with older versions of Alteryx and Tableau.  I have spent several hours online looking for a viable solution, but haven't found anything yet.

It would be wonderful if Alteryx could create a tool that would allow a user to publish directly to Tableau servers.  Something that would easily work with Alteryx 10 and Tableau 9...and any forthcoming updated versions.  There were several others in the Core Concepts class who were in need of this tool...and based on what I see online there is a huge outcry for this.  Thanks.



Seconding this. The tools from the information lab to login and publish a tds don't seem to be working in the new verion. Our entire purchase was predicated on the ability to automate workflows that published to a tableau server. 


Thanks for posting this, @mtucknott and @RPM! Glad to know there's some interest in this, because we'll be releasing the Publish to Tableau Server macro within the next several weeks! This macro is created and supported by Alteryx and will be available in the public Gallery to download.


Terrific! Thanks a bunch.



Great!  I will be looking forward to testing out the new macro.  Thanks for the updated info...I will pass it on. 


Also, there were several others in the class that were interested in this feature...would it be possible to send out an announcement when the macro is ready?  Thanks.

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Yes, I need this information as soon as possible, looking forward to the new macro.


Sure thing, @mtucknott and @MaryB -- I'll post here when the Publish to Tableau Server macro is officially released, so you'll get a notification as long as you're subscribed to the thread. (Also keep an eye on the Alteryx Engine Works blog for more information!)

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

If you are having trouble with Tableau Server macros found on the web and are waiting for Alteryx to release the official version, you may find some help automating the .tde publishing process here:


How To Automate A Tableau Data Source Refresh With Alteryx


No macro needed.


Thanks Mike. Unfortunately, our IT dept. is still not ok with us using tabcmd. Hopefully, 'soon' means soon. :-)