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Publish to tableau


Hi all


can someone help with this tool configuration, i have exhausted all my ideas.  i am using the publish too tableau server tool. On the output pane i can see all my data folder on tableau server, but when i run the workflow it give me the following errors.



Error: Publish to Tableau Server (14): Tool #592: Record #1: Tool #19: Tool #4: Tableau Server API Request (Initialize file upload) Error Code 401002: Unauthorized Access -- Invalid authentication credentials were provided.


Error: Publish to Tableau Server (14): Tool #592: Record #1: Tool #34: Iteration #1: Tool #11: Error transferring data: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
This is going to be very difficult to debug given the sensitivity of the login credentials.

I suggest you raise more formally to who can give you more guidance.

Have you ever had success using the tool before?

Are you 100% sure the login credentials are fine and the tableau server address is fine and so on.

What version of the tool are you using?

Be sure to mention the answers to these questions in the support ticket too.


yes all the login credentials are correct, as a matter of the fact on configuring the tool in the output pane i can see all the folders on the server, but it gives me the same error


Hi there, 


Assuming you have a fix for this now, but based on other threads like the one below, the fix was around idle time, i currently have a workflow that runs from 2 hours through to 8 hours. (server performance depending).


the idle time is set on the tableau server to be 240mins so its hit or miss as to whether the workflow will fail. i tried block until done steps and running as macros in and order and that seemed to have an element of success also for multiple .hyper file creations in 1 workflow.