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Publish to Tableau server using microsoft AD

Alteryx Partner

Hi All,


In my organization Tableau Server is set up with SAML configuration for Single Sign On using OIM. The problem is when to publish from Alteryx to Tableau Server, I need a Tableau local user id/password irrespective of the same user logging with Alteryx and Tableau.


I need to set up up microsoft Active Directory in both Alteryx and Tableau so when i publish from Alteryx to Tableau Server it ask for my AD credentials only. Can anyone know how to integrate this process? 


Hi mathurneeyat,


In Tableau server you can synchronize your Active Directory. Below is the link which might help you.


Synchronize -


Also, there is one example which Microsoft Azure people have posted in their site as an Tutorial. Below is the link for that.


In Tableau workbook, you can always use, Embed all passwords to make sure you need not enter the credentials every time.


Do let me know if this helps you.




Alteryx Partner

Thanks Amit for valuable information and time.


Let me explain little more in detail. My Tableau is SSO enabled and working fine within the organisation. As you see the screenshot below of Publish to Tableau Server macro in Alteryx, it asks for Tableau username and Password. Here when i use my AD credentials then it does not work. I changed the server passwords for that user in Tableau and that password is working.


This password is the local password of server and not AD password. I want that my AD credentials should get work in this macro too. Hope that clears the question.


Thanks in Advance


Capture.JPGPublish to Tableau Server


As @mathurneeyat said...


In Tableau server you can synchronize your Active Directory. Below is the link which might help you.


Synchronize -

Doing this would allow the tool to work as you expect...


Hi @mathurneeyat - at this time, the Publish to Tableau Server macro does not work with SAML authenticated Tableau servers. In order to work with this tool, you would need to have both SAML and local authentication on the same Tableau instance. I would ask your Tableau admin if this is possible.

Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer
Alteryx Partner

Hi @sofiaF


Do you have any information regarding SAML integration with Alteryx? Is this in Alteryx Development pipeline?


I do not have any insight into SAML authentication on the roadmap; however I did a quick search of the Ideas forum though, and I see that this feature has not been publicly requested by our community. I would definitely suggest that you post it here so others can Star it and development can get eyes of the amount of requests!

Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer

I was actually able to solve the SSO related issue around this process. I modified the macro and deleted the Error check for Password and user id and made password "" using a formula tool in the token area before the sample tool. 


It does require user ID - Name@domain type of login 


It worked the a charm otherwise. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

@mieszczak this sounds cool can you post a screenshot of what you did? 


I am having a similar issue. We just installed Tableau server and it's working fine with AD. My problem is in alteryx. In the connection tab of the Publish to Tableau Server macro it would be great if there was am option to use Active Directory. We have to change our passwords every 90 days. Which means I will have to go into each Alteryx workflow and update the Tableau server password. This will become pretty inconvenient with 30 or 40 workflows.


Any ideas?


Scott Murphy