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Publish to Tableau server using microsoft AD

7 - Meteor

I just got done working with Tableau to resolve this issue with Single Sign on and the Alteryx macro, Publish to Tableau Server.


We upgraded to version 10.5 of Tableau Server (this probably would have worked on a lesser version).  Our setup uses Active Directory to set up the single sign on but because it uses SAML it does not synch the password.


That being said, the user password  under Account Settings\Settings \Change Password is the key to all of this.


This password is actually your user password and is used for Rest API authentication.  In order to test this, we created a local account and mirrored the same project and group permissions and we were able to login to the server using Postman.


  <credentials name="UserName" password="Password">
    <site contentUrl="" />



This worked and returned a 2 part Token, separated by a pipe "|".


To test our theory, we changed a test users password (Site admins cannot change their own password but can change other site admins password; go figure) to something we could remember and then used the username and new password to send through postman.

It worked! Then we tested with the Publish to Tableau Server macro and bingo!


Hopefully this helps some folks out there.

5 - Atom

Would you be able to share some more information on how you were able to make this work, screen shots, modified macro, etc...  I am having a similar issue and Alteryx support suggested I work with my Tableau Server admin to fix the issue, I am hoping they don't have to reinvent to wheel if possible.

7 - Meteor

It depends on what version of Tableau server you are running. If you are running 10 or less, we can modify the app to work without having to go through your admin.


If you're on version 10.3+  you will either: 1. Have to have a local account set up (an account not using Active Directory; ex. this is the user and password) or 2. Have the Tableau server admin reset your password through the Tableau Server interface.

5 - Atom

Ok thanks for the response we are on 10.3, and I think my admin is pursuing option 1.

7 - Meteor

If you're using SAML; that password on Tableau server is only for API usage.   SAML takes a 1 time snapshot of AD when the accounts are set up but never SYCS AD. so if you ever change your password, it won't match. Just a FYI on how it works if you use that configuration.

8 - Asteroid



Please can you share with us, the modification you made to solve the problem?


Thank you.

8 - Asteroid

Hi all,


Eventhough the post is quite old, here would be the solution to use AD and no username password :