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Publish to Tableau Server tool With Metadata (.tds)


Can someone help me by giving me a how-to guide or step by step instructions on successfully using the Publish to Tableau server tool with a .tds with metadata included?


I have no problems using this tool without the .tds metadata but when I include that it fails. I've done the change dbname to data/extract as other post mentions but still having issues.


I've been having trouble doing this successfully and from my web-searching I've pieced together a bunch of different posts on it. However, I'm not seeing a simple this is how you do it step by step.


(I have Tableau Server ver 2019.1.5 / Tableau 2019.1 / Alteryx 2019.1.6 / Publish to TS 2019.1)  




Hey @cstouwie ,


Editing the version and the dbname are the main two things I've done to get things working but it is easy to change them to the wrong thing.  I recommend taking a look at this community post, specifically at the post by jdrummey a couple of ones down.


The main thing he specifies that isn't necessarily clear is that you need to make sure there are no spaces in your .tds name or in the dbname element inside.  The dbname element also needs to match the exact name of the actual "Data source name" you're using inside the Publish to Tableau Server tool itself.  I've attached an example workflow that shows how I've set it up successfully.  


My Data source name inside the tool was "tds_test" and I named my actual tds file "tds_test" as well.  I changed the dbname element to 'Data/Extracts/tds_test.hyper'.  The last note I'll make is that your version number needs to match your Tableau Server but only with one period.  For example my Tableau Server version is 10.5.2 but I needed to put 10.5 in the version element.


Let me know if this helps and please mark as a solution so others can find if it does!