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Publish to Tableau Server V2.0.0




I think I may have come across the reason for my error on a separate discussion. As per your note above I was having problem connecting to the server. and the error message was as follows. 


Status 401: Unauthorized

Signin Error 401001: Error singing in to Tableau Server


Reference to the discussion is below.






Hi @iyoob,


Thank you for sharing this!


Paul Noirel

Sr Alteryx Customer Support, Alteryx




Hi all Folks


I have a similar problem.

I use tableau 2018.1 and alteryx 2018.3. I have used the Publish to alteryx sever 2.0 Tool but i am  getting error as token undefined. Can you folks please help me out?



Hi @PaulN,


I'm having the same problem as eraivio.


When first using the Publish to Tableau Server 2.00 I can configure everything but as soon as I try to change something there the tool keeps loading and doesn't let me access it.


I'm using Alteryx version 2018.4.3.54046.







I found the issue with the tool loading forever and it was a quite obvious one.


The problem was that I had another Publish to Tableau tool in the same workflow. As soon as I deleted the previous tool the new one worked fine!




Hi Team,


Same problem..... please help


I believe I am having problem connecting to Tableau online. But the problem is it is giving errors in 2 different places. One I can read and other is hidden behind the form. 


First of all, I am trying to connect to Tableau online. I don't know if I am putting the credentials etc in the right place under the Sign In To Table Server section. It seems to be pretty basic, but who knows.


Error Description 1: You can see in the bottom left (attached image) there is some error description in red, but hidden behind the form. 


Error Description 2: 4 critical errors in results window (Bottom right). 


Please let me know if you need more information.