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Publish to Tableau Server Tool Issue

6 - Meteoroid

Have anyone faced issues while data append using publish to tableau tool. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. The only solution that we received after research and contacting Alteryx support was to attach a .tds file which would make the format of data source steady.


But this is not a viable solution as there would be multiple changes to data source during development and with every change we would need to create a new .tds.


Another solution which works is to use python to publish to tableau rather than using the tool itself. but then what's the point of having the option to append the data if it is not supposed to work everytime

11 - Bolide

can you provide a copy of the flow or some clarification as to what the columns going into the publish to tableau looks like plus the configurations you set in the macro?  you description is too abbreviated for any meaning fun response at this point.


Also very important is to explain or describe the success and failure scenarios.  


when it works....and when it fails....

  • are you running in gallery or on your desktop...
  • are you dynamically setting macro config settings?  
  • is the flow and or macro stored and called from a shared space where someone else might be changing configurations periodically.  Gallery is a scenario where someone else might update and you not notice...also on shared drive scenarios if you do not have your procedures down to prevent alteration of production assets without notice.
  • when it fails is it a fatal error in the macro or flow or is I that the data did not append but over-wrote the existing data...

These questions are important to answer if anyone will have a chance to help you short of shooting in the dark with possible answers and getting lucky....