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Publish to Power BI --- breaks linked Power BI report (append / create / replace)

5 - Atom

I'm successfully pushing data from Alteryx to PowerBI. Here's my issue:


The Power BI Output tool has 3 options:


  1. Append rows to table - adds duplicate records to my report
  2. Create new dataset - creates a new dataset (samename_#), which isn't linked to a report
  3. Replace existing dataset - breaks connection to the report (dataset cannot be found --- may have been deleted


I would like to schedule Alteryx to push updated data to my dataset and when I look at it's report, I have updated data. 


Is there a better option, maybe even with Power BI?




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @deXtron ,


unfortunately, there is currently no option to update the target data set in PowerBi (only replace, append or create a new one).

It is already addressed internally.

I have two workarounds for you:

a) Write the data from Alteryx not directly to PowerBI, but into a database. Then refresh your PowerBI dashboard via the database. In case this is not an option for you:

b) create an additional "flag" column [e.g. timestamp with the formula DateTimeNow() ] in PowerBI - filter on the latest timestamp, only


I hope this helps you.


Best regards


6 - Meteoroid

We'd like to see Alteryx enhanced to support this more seamlessly.  I've added it as an idea here:


Fix Power BI Output tool to reload an existing dataset without invalidating reports and dashboards