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Publish data source to tableau

I use tableau to build dashboards. My backend data source is SAP HANA. the data i am trying to retrieve is very huge and throwing an error.


Instead i am trying to use Alteryx to load the data. i have created the workflow for the data but not able to publish it to the tableau server. Tried using the 'Publish to tableau server' tool , still not able to do it.
any alternative on how to approach this problem?

please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @RachanBallal,


Would be saving the data as 'hyper' or 'tde' also be an option?


Could you share with us the error the workflow is giving you?




Please do check the image below which shows the error thrown.

The connection from Alteryx to Tableau is not happening.
I need to publish the data source from alteryx to a specific tableau server and automate the data refresh.

Alteryx Partner

Hi @RachanBallal,


Whilst you've added in the details for your Tableau server instance it doesn't look as though you've connected from your second image? You need to click "Connect" in the bottom right of the configuration pane. This should then take you to the below configuration screen:




Here you will be able to select the project the data source should be saved under and the data source name (or overwrite an existing data source on Tableau Server) which should eliminate the error you're seeing from your first image.


If this solves your issue please mark the answer as correct, if not let me know!





Hey Jonathan,
Thanks for your input, but i have already tried clicking on connect but it does not take me to any page. Nothing happens when i am clicking on connect. The loading symbol appears max for 1 second ,then disappears and no change