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Publish To Tableau Server Macro strange behaviour


Hi all,



I am currently using  Version 2018.1.4, Tableau Server 10.5 and Macro V1.09.2 and that works perfect like you can see  on picture -> I have option for putting name on extract and etc...alteryx more.PNG








But for  Version 2018.2, Tableau Server 10.5 and Macro V 2.0.0 as you can see on the picture I don't have option where I can put name for extract and stuff like that:





Is this some kind of the bug in Macro v 2.0.0 or I am missing some part? I have just noticed this and I needed to downgrade my Alteryx version and use older Macro version.


Hi @MarijaNB,


With version 2.0 of the macro, you have to establish the connection to the Tableau Server instance on the first screen prior to accessing the Configure Data Source screen where you can set the Data source name. The below configuration appears after I connect via the Sign in to Tableau Server screen... Please let me know if this helps.




Jerad Rades

Sr. Customer Support Engineer




My colleague and I couldn't get this option, even if we are connected on Tableau Server. I have downgraded version on 2018.01 and took macro 9.02 and now works fine.