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Public Geocoder Missing / No Longer Supported?




I believe that I worked with an Alteryx web-based geocoder a couple of weeks ago. I believe it was on the Gallery, but can't seem to locate it on the Gallery or via Google search.!app/Alteryx-Public-Geocoding-App/51e3911620aaf9035884f1ae


Thanks for any insight if it is still supported or if there is a new URL that I should try.



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Thanks for pointing this out -- I'm also surprised to not find it there, it was one of the most popular ones on the Gallery, I think it was THE most popular when you sorted that way.  Anyone at Alteryx able to provide some information?  Is it down for maintenance or down for good?


Hello @Matt_Curtis  and @joe_de_foleschampe,


Thanks for reaching out. Effective 6/20, the Alteryx Public Geocoding App has been discontinued from our Public Gallery. Our Location Insights bundle offers geocoding capabilities.

Margarita Wilshire
Manager, Customer Support Engineering

Alteryx, Inc.
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I find this very disappointing.  One of, if not THE, most popular item in the gallery is no longer available.  Personally, I used this the first of every month to update address geocoding data for new addresses in our student information system.


I would hope that Alteryx would reconsider its removal.