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Protecting AlteryX workflows

Hi experts,


I am trying to find a way to password protect my AlteryX workflow. Is it possible to prompt users with a password when opening the workflow?


Otherwise, is there a way to disable users from editing the workflows? 


I tried encrypting it with the Options menu however it's doesn't seem like the solution I'm looking for.





@gundam_pilot Currently the only option available to protect a workflow is the encrypt option when exporting. This option will prevent users from being able to open the workflow for editing either in Designer or with a text editor. Please keep in mind that workflow and app files are just plain text XML data. So even if we had an option to prompt the user with a password when opening the workflow in Designer it wouldn't prevent them from opening it in a text editor to modify the workflow manually or remove the password prompt. By encrypting the workflow instead you can prevent editing both in Designer and in Text editors. You can also use this option to set an expiration date so the workflow can't be run after that date passes.


I have two potential recommendations, one within the Alteryx tech stack and one outside of it.


If you have a private Gallery that you can save workflows to, this brings with it version control and permissions that you can have control over, particularly if you are the only user in a private studio.  You can make it so the workflow cannot be downloaded, and restrict who has access to it.



If you don't have access to a Private Studio/Gallery to save your jobs in, you could potentially save your Alteryx workflows into a folder that only you have "modify" permissions in.  This won't stop them from copying the workflow elsewhere to make changes, or making changes before running the workflow, but it will stop them from making changes and overwriting the workflow that you built.

You could also look to external version control software, such as Git/TFS.

Thanks KevinP.


To make sure my understanding is correct, the encryption only expires on the pre-determined expiry date. Is there a way for me to re-open or de-encrypt the workflow before the expiry date?





@gundam_pilot The points made by @Claje are valid and these could be alternative solutions for you. Especially the access and versioning controls that an Alteryx Server would provide. To answer you question though once a workflow is encrypted it can't be decrypted. Opening the workflow with a text editor will show the basic XML for the file and an encrypted block containing the actual workflow data. Once encrypted the workflow can be double clicked in order to run/execute it, but the workflow can't be opened for editing. If an expiration date is set when the workflow is encrypted the workflow will only be able to be run up until the expiration date. Once passed the expiration date the workflow will fail to run any longer. Since the file can't be decrypted you should keep an original non-encrypted copy for your own use.


I'm throwing out another possible option depending on why you're wanting to encrypt.  You can make your workflow into an App so that users can only add an input or output and they can't see the workflow at all - and therefore can't change any of the tools.




As organizational standard we can not save user name and password for the database access in the workflows. 

So we want a way for Alteryx to get the username password from a configuration file or web service which provides the connection string with user name password encrypted in it.


So now I want to use this connection string in my input tool to connect to the database and save the workflow and schedule it on scheduler or share with anyone.

I am trying to use Dynamic input tool to use the connection string thus provided by the download tool and I am running in to couple of issues.

Now the Dynamic input tool does not seem to have an option to replace connection string. is this something that can be done in Alteryx ?


Also, when I am trying to connect to sql server I am getting the alias only in the dynamic input tool (due to the newer interface of setting up connection). When I tried to use "other database connection" to use oledb so that I can get the the connection string in dynamic input (to replace if possible), the connection fails to fetch the tables.


(I am using Curl in the download tool to get the string from the web service).


Came across this while browsing for a related topic.

You can use a macro to update the input tool config including the connection string. 

Hope you've figured it out already though :)

Hi I agree that if you make the workflow into an app the users will not be able see the tools. But if you drag the app file into a workflow, then the entire workflow will be visible right? How do I prevent this ?

Hello @KevinP 

How can I run an encrypted Alteryx workflow by Double clicking on it?