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Prompt user to fill data in a column across multiple rows from a drop down


I am fairly new in alteryx. Trying to build an alteryx app which prompts users to enter values in a column from a drop box for multiple rows. While I have managed to do it for a single row, not sure how to make it work for multiple rows at once. 


Also is there a way of asking the user to select multiple rows in the app?


Attaching an example of what needs to be done (currently in excel) that needs to be replicated in alteryx app.


I have a column listing names of people A,B,C. Another column i.e Type needs to be filled by user. Values should be from a drop down. Similarly for third column..


Any help will be much appreciated!


Hello @PD_7191 

How many options are you looking for users to be able to select from?
If you only have a handful of selections at a time, you could create multiple drop down tools to allow multiple items to be selected.

The other option, which I would recommend would be to change from a dropdown selection to a checkbox selection.

This will allow the users to select as many categories as they would need without having to navigate multiple dropdown options.





Community Moderator

@TrevorS Thank you for the suggestion. Where I am mainly stuck is how do I enable user to input these selections across multiple rows? 


As you would see in example i posted, lets say there are 10 entries, for each of these entries the user should be able to input a value( in another column) from dropdown selection.


Any leads?


Hello @PD_7191 


I apologize for the slow response but I do not have much personal experience past this point.

After discussing with some colleagues, the best idea put forward would be to build a batch macro with a control parameter that updates the source file path.

You could embed this in your workflow with a list of all azure objects.


I hope this helps!

Community Moderator