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Prompt to replace column value


I have a workflow that I run weekly where I use a formula to create a column titled "Season" with the season value. When I change to the next season, I have to manually update my formula tool, tab name and output data prefix name.  For example, I am running SUMMER2018 data but, soon I'll need to update this for FALL2018.


Can I build a prompt where I can say "find [enter season] and replace with [enter season] in my workflow? Should I be looking at the Dynamic Replace tool? 






Hey Toni!


Do you have a date/time stamp somewhere in your data that you can use to build a variable to check for season at the beginning of the workflow? For example if your "seasons" are based on a quarter of the year you can use the date time now tool at the beginning of the workflow and follow up with a formula tool that looks at the current date and time and figures out what season it is. That can then be used to update your workflow accordingly.


Hope this helps!



Hi Sarah,


Thanks for the reply - I run multiple seasons at any given week so wanted a way to not 1) create a separate workflow for each season and 2) avoid having to look for and change the season each time I run the single workflow. Was hoping for some kind of text find and replace tool like Excel has (find SUMMER18 and replace with FALL18)


Thanks again!

Alteryx Partner

Have you worked with Analytic Apps at all? There you could have one prompt when the user runs it and it can change multiple tools.






I definitely agree with Bob then...running it as an analytic app with a drop down where you can select the season will allow you to use the action tool to update each component that needs to be updated with the season you are trying to run.


Thank you both, I will look into the analytics app, could be what I'm looking for!