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Prompt single user database login for multiple input data SQL queries

7 - Meteor

I am running multiple SQL queries using multiple 'Input Data' tools.


All of the tables in the SQL queries are from a single database, which requires a username and password to establish connection.


Since I am sharing the workflow with multiple users, hard coding username/password in the 'Input Data' tool is not ideal and so I introduced macro to prompt users for Username and Password when the workflow is run.


The one issue I am having is, I need to have a set of username & password macro for each 'Input Tool', since the username & password macros have only 1 out anchor.

How can I change the current workflow or the existing macro so that a user's input is used for multiple 'Input Data' tools?




Hello @JJH 

Could you please upload your workflow so I can see what you have set up so far? This will help to troubleshoot how to accomplish what you are looking to do.

Initially what I am thinking would be setting up a text input tool to receive the username/password information and from there connect to each field you need to update with the credentials.



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Action Tool above each Query, multiple Action Tools connected to the Control Parameter tool shown here:

Control Parameter to Mulitple Action Tools.jpg

7 - Meteor

So in the current workflow, I am asking username and password using the 'Text Box' tool.


It seems I may have overcomplicated it.

What I ended up doing was have 1 text box to ask for username, 1 text box to ask for password. These are then outputted to multiple 'Action' tools, which are connected to 'Input Date' tools. Screen print below: