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Prompt for credentials to Oracle OCI data source/target


I am able to create an ODBC connection and set up an application which substitutes the username and password, allowing my users to enter their credentials at run time and not have to change connection parms when the password has to change.

This post helped with that.


I'd really like to do the same with an OCI connection to the Oracle DB but have not been successful 

Has anyone been able to use an OCI connection and prompt for credentials ?

Alteryx Certified Partner

The method in the post you linked will not work with the new Oracle connection manager, but should work the same if you use the Oracle OCI connection available in 'Other Databases...'>'Oracle OCI...'


That connection will yield a username/password string in the tool XML that can be edited with Action tools. The string will look something like this:

<File RecordLimit="" FileFormat="17">oci:username/__EncPwd1__@ORACLE_DB|||SELECT * FROM ...


Oracle OCI.png