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Progress clearing with User Settings set to "Show"

I have switched computers and ultimately switched my Alteryx license to a new machine.  On the old machine I had gone into Options, User Settings, Canvas and set Progress to Show so that I can follow the flow afterwards and ensure that my joins are working as intended.  This worked fine on the old machine, but on the new machine, it looks like it is Show Only When Running as it clears after the run is complete.  I have saved this setting and been in and out of Alteryx repeatedly.  I have attached a screenshot of my user settings under Canvas.


It also appears that I am forced to close a splash screen for a "tour" of Alteryx every time even though I have started and completed the tour as well as closed the tour many times.


The version I am running is 2019.1.6.58192.


Any suggestions?







I'm suspecting some sort of an XML conflict. All the user settings are stored within 



The connection progress setting is referenced as 

<ConnectionProgressType MergeId="GS_ConnectionProgressType" value="1"/>

 Make sure that value here is set to 1.


Mine reads as below:


<ConnectionProgressType value="1" MergeId="GS_ConnectionProgressType" />


Which appears to be as expected. 


Do you happen to have multiple version of Alteryx running in parallel? Admin and Non-admin? Potentially a Beta version?

Only one version running - non-admin.

@Neil-HawaiianAir  Try @SophiaF's solution in this thread related to licensing: I experienced an issue similar to what you're describing and that solution solved it for me.

That solution partially worked.  The challenge with that solution for users that are behind a firewall is that they may not be able to remove the license key and then reapply it - adding a bit of complexity and one will have to remove the license on the Alteryx website.


I say the solution partially worked because, once I was able to reinstall the software, it appeared to be working until I opened an existing file and ran the workflow.  It reverted to Show Only When Running for that file.  If I created a new workflow and copied/pasted the entire old workflow into it, it worked properly.